T1TAdb currently contains 1894 TA loci from 493 bacterial strains (view organism list) and 25 TA families (view family list):

July 28, 2023: a bug with the interface to FlaGs2 preventing display of neighborhood maps in specific cases has been fixed. Annotations of genes flanking TA loci have also been updated.
June 1, 2023: FlaGs2 tool added to T1TAdb, to display and compare gene neighborhood context around TA loci.
For a complete release history, see the release history tab.

last update: December 18, 2023

T1TAdb provides data on:
  • genomic locations of the TA loci, including full genome views and flanking genes
  • 2D structure predictions of toxin mRNAs and antitoxin sRNAs
  • 2D predictions and hydrophobicity plots of toxin peptides
  • sequences of all features, including promoter and mRNA-asRNA interaction regions
as well as tools for:
  • advanced keyword searches by feature name, organism name, or locus accession
  • sequence similarity search
  • multiple sequence alignment
Acknowledgement: © SCIGRAPHIX // Dr. Sandy R. Pernitzsch