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    • feature_name: enter a toxin or antitoxin name; e.g., Hok, HokA, Sok, AapA3, Bsr, as-BsrG, DinQ, dql, Lpt, CD2517.1, RCd9
    • genus: enter a genus name; e.g., Helicobacter, Helico, Bacillus, Listeria, Lister, Salmonella, Salmo
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    • subspecies: enter a subspecies name; e.g., bulgaricus, bulga, arizonae, ariz
    • strain: enter a strain name; e.g., Sheeba, ATCC 49179, K12, O157:H7, DSM 446, BL23
    • plasmid: enter a plasmid name; e.g., pRC18, R721, p3384, pXO2, pBsph
    • taxonomy: enter a taxonomic term (phylum, order, family, genus, species, etc); e.g., Proteobacteria, epsilonproteobacteria, virus, Clostridiales, Bacilli, Listeriaceae, Helicobacter, subtilis
    • locus_id: enter a T1TAdb locus ID or group ID; e.g., TA00046, TA00123, TA04580, TAG0590, TAG3131
    • genome_accession: enter a NCBI RefSeq genome accession number (with or without version number); e.g., NC_007530.2, NC_007530, NC_015674.1, NC_015674